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Vessels NOT YET Arrived

Vessel NameVoyage NumberService TypeExpected Berthing DateCarrier NameRotation Number
Grande Marocco1807North America18 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/172 OF 13-AUG-2018
Grande Luanda1806Central Express23 Aug 2018GRIMALDIN/A
Repubblica Argentina1805Central Express24 Aug 2018GRIMALDIN/A
Tarifa/GLU 180690Mediterranean Express25 Aug 20183rd PartyN/A
Glovis Safety/GLU180606Mediterranean Express25 Aug 20183rd PartyN/A
Silver Ray/GLU180604Mediterranean Express25 Aug 20183rd PartyN/A
PAGNA1807North America26 Aug 2018GRIMALDIN/A
Grande Senegal1807North America29 Aug 2018GRIMALDIN/A
Grande Abidjan1806Central Express31 Aug 2018GRIMALDIN/A
Grande Tema1806Central Express07 Sep 2018GRIMALDINA
Passero1805North America11 Sep 2018GRIMALDIN/A

Vessels ALREADY Arrived

Vessel NameVoyage NumberService TypeBerthing DateSailing DateCarrier NameRotation Number
Grande Dakar1806Central Express15 Aug 201816 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/171 OF 13-AUG-2018
Grande Costa dAvorio1806Mediterranean Express14 Aug 201815 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/170 OF 10-AUG-2018
Hoegh Amsterdam/GRC 180631Mediterranean Express14 Aug 201815 Aug 20183rd Party18/170 OF 10-AUG-2018
Grande Cotonou1806Central Express11 Aug 201812 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/169 OF 08-AUG-2018
Grande Sierra Leone1805North America07 Aug 201810 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/166 OF 27-JUL-2018
Passero1804North America07 Aug 201809 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/168 OF 2-AUG-2018
Repubblica del Brasile1805Mediterranean Express04 Aug 201805 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/167 OF 30-JUL-2018
Grande Lagos1806Central Express03 Aug 201804 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/165 OF 27-JUL-2018
TESTUPLOAD1111Central Express31 Jul 201803 Aug 2018GRIMALDI-
Grande Togo1805Mediterranean Express01 Aug 201802 Aug 2018GRIMALDI18/164 OF 23-JUL-2018
Glovis Sunrise/GRT 180505Mediterranean Express01 Aug 201802 Aug 20183rd Party18/163 OF 20-JUL-2018

   Central Express- Calling at: Amsterdam, Tilbury, Hamburg, Antwerp, Bilbao, Dakar, Abidjan, Cotonou, Lagos, Tema, Takoradi, San Pedro, Amsterdam

   Mediterranean Express – Calling at: Valencia, Sete, Marseille, Genoa, Livorno, Salerno, Casablanca, Nouakchott, Dakar, Abidjan, Lome, Cotonou, Lagos, Tema, Valencia

   North America – Calling at: Jacksonville, Galveston, Houston, Savannah, Baltimore, New York (NYCT), New York (BAT), Dakar, Banjul, Conakry, Freetown, Douala, Libreville,
    Point Noire, Luanda, Takoradi, Bata, Malabo, Cotonou, Lagos, Lome, Tema, Monrovia, Abidjan, Jacksonville